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Bank Sohar rebrands as Sohar International

(12/26/2018 8:00:00 AM)

Oman-based Bank Sohar, as it was formerly known, recently rebranded to ‘Sohar International’ as part of its new vision to become a world-leading Omani service company.

It unveiled the new brand at a ceremony held under the auspices of Sayyid Kamil bin Fahad bin Mahmood Al Said, Assistant Secretary General for the Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister for the Council of Ministers, at the Royal Opera House in Muscat.

The bank’s Board of Directors and executive management team joined Sohar International’s chairman, Mohammad Mahfoudh Al Ardhi, and CEO Ahmed Al Musalmi in welcoming officials and leaders from the public and private sectors to witness the historic unveiling of the bank’s new identity.

Al Ardhi said: “It is evident that there have been major milestones and achievements since the bank’s inception in 2007. We believe that now is the right time for us to embark upon a new journey with a fresh vision that will better enable us to grow whilst delivering a robust and pivotal contribution to the national economy.

“Realizing this vision requires clear direction and continuing to place customers at the heart of everything we do. Today marks the first steps we take into this new direction as we morph the bank and redefine banking to beyond providing only financial services. With this new customer centric mentality, we will continue to drive forward the economy of our country and offer new ways of growing by being nimble, deliberate, and agile.”

Al Musalmi said: “The world around us is changing at a pace we have never seen before, driven by constant technological advancements, changing lifestyles, and peoples’ innate desire to achieve growth and prosperity.

“In such a world, banks as physical entities have become less relevant, whilst the need for responsive banking solutions is more prevalent than ever. Our business needed to transform to become more customer-centric, keep us and our customers ahead of the game and help people win in such an ever-changing world. Whatever we are going to do will be made simpler and faster; more relevant and connected to each customer’s world.”

The Sohar International brand is not about a new logo and name, it represents a story, a vision, and a promise to drastically enhance customers’ banking experience through simplicity, speed, and greater relevance to their lifestyles, said Al Musalmi..

It is the bank’s promise to help them be the winners they aspire to be. “Our success as a business is built upon helping others to achieve success,” he explained. “Over the coming days, weeks and months, our customers will start to see, feel, and enjoy our transformation at all levels, with a direct impact on products, services, investments, digital facilities, and wealth management. We will ensure at every step of the way that our customers are and will remain winners.”

The Sohar International brand logo boasts simplicity in its outlook and sophistication in its essence. The new logo captures the stature and elegance of a financial institution whilst maintaining a feel of dynamism and perpetuity.

The orange axis at its centre adjoins two unaligned halves of a circle, representing the bank’s point of intersection between the customer and positive outcomes, notably the precision required to deliver. The spire further depicts precision in demonstration of that which the bank established itself on as a market leader, pointing the way forward for Sohar International with its sights fixed on elevating its operation through the adoption of international standards.

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