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MSM30 Index declines 11.82 per cent in 2017

(1/10/2018 6:01:00 AM)

Muscat Securities Market (MSM) ended the year 2017 on negative note with the index declining by 11.82 per cent to close at 5099.28 compared to 5,782.71 at the end of December 2016. The MSM30 reached its highest level close during the year on February 22 at 5867.46 while the lowest level close touched was 4889.28 on August 17. Values closed up 3.5 per cent to RO 0.992 billion while the volumes dropped by 7.7 per cent at RO 4.27 billion. The MSM Shariah Index ended down by 17.88 per cent at 713.64. With respect to the number of trading days, there were 247 days in 2017 against 246 in 2016.

Sector wise all the indices closed down led by services index which closed down by 13.58 per cent at 2643.43 followed by Industrial Index which closed down by 7.75 per cent to close at 6833.39.

Financial Index dropped the least at -2.58 per cent at 7474.16. The market capitalization increased by 3.9 per cent during 2017 (i.e. RO 0.67 billion) to RO 17.95 billion.

During the year amongst the brokerage houses in Oman, Ubhar Capital closed the year as the number one brokerage house amongst 17 companies with a market share of 21.55 per cent.

Factors affecting MSM Performance – Quarterly 1Q17:

n Royalty increase on telecom companies and rise of tax rate for all companies
n The general budget and targeted sectors
n Companies yearly results and dividends announcements
n International ratings and reports regarding countries and companies within region
n Fed decision to increase interest rate
n Strong local institution interest
n Geopolitical and developments in the region
n The continuity of the international reports and rating about the region
n Annual MSM30 revision
n Cautious sentiment
n Fed decision to increase interest rate
n IPOs subscriptions and listing of Al Ahlia Insurance Company and Vision Insurance Company
n Profit booking activities
n Large special deals
n Government success in dealing with the deficit
n Oil prices about $60/b 4Q17:
n Acceleration of companies’ activities (disclosures, acquisitions, mergers or board member’s amendments)
n Listing of Oman Qatar Insurance Company and National Life & General Insurance Company
n Fed decision to increase interest rate
n Large special deals
n Strong oil prices continuity
2017 was not an easy year for the MSM30 which lost 11.82 per cent on annual basis to close at 5099.28. This year can be divided into two upwards periods, two downwards (including one sharp and long) and one relatively stable period.

The benchmark started the year on positive note supported by the announcement of the general budget (although it was a conservative one), yearly companies’ results and disclosures regarding the proposed dividends. This upward trend stopped as the general index started its longest steep during 2017 starting from last week of February to mid of August i.e. six months. The MSM30 lost 16.7 per cent within this time.

Factors affecting the performance including, but not limited to, the rise of corporate tax rate and its adjustments which impacted companies’ results in addition to the ambiguity about tax impact on dividends thus raising foreign investors’ fears who started wave of selling activities. Further, the increase of Royalty fees in telecom industries hit their net earnings causing foreign investors to reduce their positions in the telecom players who had higher percentage of foreign ownership.

Moreover, negative ratings and international report about the region aided in creating additional pressures.

Factors were not only limited to local ones; many external factors came into force such as the geopolitical tensions including Qatar and Yemen crises which led to further pressures on foreign investors’ sentiment.

The period also saw the summer holidays and the holy month of Ramad

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